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Northeast Florida Lionfish Blast

***March 28, 2014 - April 28, 2014***

Awards Cermony

at 7:00 PM 

Monument Rd Location



Lionfish are trying to take over the Atlantic Ocean, let's take it back!  Our waters here in North Florida are no exception.  With no natural predators it is up to us to keep the marine ecosystem in balance.  The goal of this tournament is to raise awareness in our fishing community about the lionfish invasion and have a good time doing it.  We are teaming up with local and national organizations to remove as many of these parasites as possible in a one month span.   Please help us be part of the solution and put an end to overpopulation!

 Proceeds from this tournament will go to TISIRI Corp, a company dedicated to improving our coastal environments through the efforts of marine habitat creation, conservation, education, and awareness.


Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Prize Structure

Lionfish Slayer

Most lionfish blasted during this event!

Sponsored by Browns Creek Fish Camp


General Tournament*

1st place - $1000**

2nd place - $500**

3rd place - $250**

4th place - $100**

5th place - $75**

6th place - $50**

Prizes based on a 2 day lionfish total

*Prize structure based on 60 entries 

** Gift Certificate from Ocean Waves Sunglasses in addition to cash


Heaviest Lionfish 


Sponsor Raffle Info

Raffle Prize List at the bottom of page


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